A Tribute to Discontinued Cereals / by Rachel Eva Lim

serendipity is easter egg meets thirty
foot tall pink dinosaur on the side
of a tiny highway i remember 

this nonsense for a very long time.
target demographic: women with
their tongues out dribbling dreams
on the cracked linoleum floor

swaying to the notes of comedy
hour, shit’s sticking out of her back
like on tv but you cannot remember

you don’t have to touch her to know that
silence and a family size box of froot loops
killed the dinosaurs you need to

think big here, kid. a dansette bermuda
dressed in white, capable of cradling
the unsentimental sounds of the ocean

i invited patrick stewart for dinner
we spent eighth period singing
yankee doodle and watching

that film where the chinese girl
only shops at asianfoodgrocer.com
and gets eaten in her sleep by a stegosaurus.